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 Who is Nessa

Nessa is a young professional African woman in well-being

1.68m, weighs 78 and beautiful breasts of 95D


If you like professional massages:

  • sporty 
  • relaxing ...

you are in the right place!

Here you will receive professional massages adapted to your health.

For complete relaxation, back pain, anxiety and stress, I offer different massages for an immediate well being in total discretion. Come to discover these expert hands that will give you more positive energy whole week.


 there is no sex here and prices are not discussed 1h/70€

Cellular massage (hands, feet, body)

 This massage helps to relieve small pains who sometimes settle down with the body that gets older.

Relieves muscle tension and blood circulation is completely relaxed.

It is a wellness massage that is practiced
in hospitals and at home.

Eliminates stiffness for the best smile every day.
Also suitable for the disabled.


Temperance Massage

Here I practice the best erotic massage techniques.

Need to awaken your sensuality, exacerbate your sense of érotiser your sex life?

Discover this massage where the abandonment of oneself opens you all the doors.

Price: 1h/70€


Muscle building massage

 consists of a series of 
effleurages, kneading, vibration
and friction,
made in a precise order.
The pressure
Is strong and warms your body.
Energizing and relaxing,
suitable for athletes.
Price: 1h/70€


"The biggest secret to happiness is to be well with oneself"  Bernard Fontelle  


  Benefits of a good massage

be in better shape

• increased concentration capacity

• stimulates the libido

• Improved sleep quality

• Resting of tired eyes

• Promotes calm and vigilance ...  


 We recommend natural
products without inconvenience
for your health.



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